An amazing Windows Phone Development Book is out now!

Few days ago, I was contacted by the well-known publishing company “Packt Publishing” to review one of their books about Windows Phone 8 Development .Windows Phone 8 Application Development Essentials

Then, after looking at the table of contents of the book, it seemed very promising as its name suggests “Windows Phone 8 Application Development Essentials“. So, I decided to start reading this book at once. It provides the most featured aspects that surrounds Windows Phone 8 Apps development starting from introducing the Interface Markup language “XAML” passing by some design practices, and how to build an app using the popular architecture pattern “MVVM“, till you can leverage the Windows Phone capabilities such as Launchers and Choosers, Toast Notifications, Background agents, and the many other capabilities.

And by the end of the book, The author made a great strength of show of how could the Windows Phone Platform integrate with other platforms like Twitter and Facebook building a strong Collaborative Developmental Echo system which is really great for the developers.

I highly recommend this book for those who want to kick-start developing on Windows Phone or whoever wants to take a look on the platform from a developer perspective as this book provides a good knowledge in a very simplified way guiding to the real ESSENTIALS of the WP Apps Development

Here’s a link for the book:

There’s also many useful books for developers in many technologies provided by Packt Publishing, Check them from this link:

That was my review about the book, if you have any feedback, comments, or questions for me don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail:

Happy Coding 🙂


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